A.O. Smith Vertex Tank Water Heater

Vertex Tank Water Heater

Water heaters using tanks are the more conventional way of heating water. Tank heaters store pre-heated water in tanks where the water is immediately ready for use. With modern technology, improvements and innovations have come to the tank water heater enabling them to produce more hot water faster. These are a few of these new innovations.

The A.O. Smith Vertex line is a luxury model of A.O. Smith tank water heaters. The Vertex provide the abilities of a tank water heater but are also able to keep up with larger water demands.

What makes Vertex better than other tank models?
Vertex heaters have an internal heat exchanger (like a furnace) combined with a high BTU rating. (BTU is the amount of energy required to heat 1 pound of liquid water by 1o. This gives an estimate of the heating capabilities.) The higher BTU ratings allows for faster recovery in high-demand times. The Vertex stores pre-heated water in a tank, ready for use. When the water has been exhausted from the tank, the high recovery does not cause great impact on busy families during their peak water usage. The tank has made near a full recovery in about an hour’s time. The Vertex has an AFUE rating of 97%.

How much hot water can I expect the Vertex to put out?
The Vertex 100 (100,000 BTU) can put out in excess of 160 gallons per hour for the first hour of water delivery with a recovery of 130 gallons per hour. This makes the unit ideal for families with large water demands.
By comparison, conventional 40 gallon, 40,000 BTU heaters can only put out 90 gallons per hour for the first hour of delivery with a 40 gallon per hour recovery. 50 gallon 50,000 BTU heaters produce a similar delivery to the 40,000 BTU units but can recover at a slightly faster rate of 65 gallons per hour.

The Vertex seems like a good fit with my family’s water demands. How do I decide if this is the water heater for me?
Water heaters are investments and should be carefully considered. All families have different water usages and not all water heaters are appropriate for all families. It is best to consult with a licensed plumber to discuss your water heating options. To schedule a free estimate for your water heater replacement contact Eller Services at 248.652.6650. We service Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties serving cities of Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Oakland Township, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township and surrounding areas.

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