“Inspection revealed outdated and inefficient heating system. As a result of the inspection, purchased new furnace and replaced all non-insulated duct work in crawl space from Eller Services.” – Karen

“Dan installed our furnace and A/C a few years ago. When the city inspector came out, he asked ‘who did this?’ He had me worried until he continued to tell me that the work was very well done and whoever did it really did a nice job. I had already liked how professional he was, how well he cleaned up, etc., but the unsolicited compliment from the inspector clearly put him in the 5 star category. I’ve used him since to do an annual tune-up.”

– Doug

“Furnace check/cleaning went very well. Tech was very knowledgeable and offered suggestions of different kinds of furnace filters to use which are actually cheaper but better for my furnace. Talked about using them again for spring checkup and cleaning of my A/C unit.”

– Nancy

“Purchased a Big Deal for furnace inspection. Went as planned, technician was on time and courteous. Advised on condition of furnace, was honest and did not try and up sell unnecessary additions.”

– David W.

“After 25+ years as an Eller Services customer I’ve never had an issue regarding what products they’ve recommended and installed for me. I’m relying on the fact that they are offering Trane products to their customers as an indication that Trane will deliver what is promised in the advertising/sales materials.”

– Tina H.

“I was very satisfied with both men who came to my home. They were helpful and educational during the time they were in our home. Thanks.”

– Joan R.

“Our AC quit working. When they first came out to look at it they said the motor was bad and the line was blocked somewhere. Said he couldn’t do anything for us that day. No charge. Basically we needed a new motor or a whole new unit.

We opted for a whole new unit but when they came out to install it, they said the control board on the furnace was bad and that needed to be replaced, or the blowers wouldn’t blow. Third time they come out, they replaced the control board BUT they discovered the entire furnace needed to be replaced because our humidifier had backed out a bunch of sludge into the furnace and fried everything inside.

Honestly it all stemmed from poor workmanship when the house was built and the original unit was installed (about 10 years ago). In the end, we are happy with the service we received, we are glad they worked us through this entire process and explained everything in detail (my husband works a lot so I had to deal with much of this without him). Kevin is very knowledgeable. The guys were very honest and reasonable. Even the lady I spoke to on the phone was very patient and professional with me (I wish I remembered her name).

I just wish we would have known from the beginning about the sludge and that everything was going to have to be replaced versus this drawn out process. Why didn’t the first guy catch that? Never saw the first guy again. But my air is working now and I know I won’t have problems come this winter. I will definitely use them again if I ever have another problem!”

– Veronica

“I recommend Eller to all of my friends and family!! We have a Sears kit house, built in 1939 and with no ductwork in the upstairs. We had several estimates to replace the furnace and run new ductwork. Family Heating actually no quoted the job. Which means they wouldn’t even give us a quote. Eller was by far the best price, and best product!! We love our new furnace and we will continue to recommend Eller Services!!”

– Cheryl

“Your guys did a great job with everything. I could not be more satisfied with their service and your company.

If ever someone I know is looking for a furnace, plumbing or air conditioning, you will definitely be recommended. Thank you for your honest and straight forward approach.”

– Heather N.

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