Bradford White Defender 50 Gallon 65,000 BTU Water Heater

Bradford White Defender Water Heater


I’ve read about the Rinnai, the A.O. Smith Vertex & NEXT Hybrid and they look a little high tech for me & my family. What are some more efficient conventional tank water heaters?
In a world of options, for some, less is more. For these people who do not always have high water demands but want a more efficient water heater, the Bradford White Defender series 50 gallon, 65,000 BTU water heater is ideal. The larger tank can accommodate simultaneous demands while the higher-than-average BTU rating allows for faster recovery.

What are the performance specifications for the Defender water heater?
The Defender 50 gallon, 65,000 BTU water heater produces 103 gallons per hour for the first hour of delivery with a 69 gallon per hour recovery. The Defender has an Energy Factor (EF) rating of .59 (typical 40 gallon, 40,000 BTU heaters have an EF rating of .55).

How do I decide what water heater is best for my needs?
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